The Sunjaya

The Sunjaya is strategically located in Lembongan Island, just 40 meters from the Mushroom Bay. On the way to the Sunjaya from Mushroom bay, there is a well which has very pure water and it is often used for religious ceremonies. It is a cool place because it is surrounded by beautiful gardens and swaying manggo trees which can be enjoyed while lying down on the surrounding long chairs. It makes everyone who lives here comfortable. The house built with a modern structure has a. 12 standart Room sized room 4x4m.2 Family Room sized room 4×5,5m(double bed),sparkle swimming pool, free internet acces, a private toilet, wash basin,Air conditioning,In a closed bathroom with shower hot and cold water, and a open cooking restaurant,luxury bar with tv cable screen and Spa.

How to get there

  • Nusa Lembongan is close from sanur beach and easy to get boat
  • Public slow boat at : 07. 30 and 08.30 am
  • Public speed boat at : 09.00,10.30, 11.30, am and 01.30, 02.30 04.30, 05.00 05.30 pm
  • Charter boat also available